Marina Petrov

Award-winning Pianist, Lecturer, Piano Tutor & Occupational Injury Specialist Managing Director of Around the Globe Music & Arts Executive Editor of Around the Globe Music Magazine

Award winning Pianist, Occupational Piano Injury Specialist, Lecturer & Piano Teacher / Managing Director of Around the Globe Music & Arts

My students: Testimonials

Mrs Petrov's approach is to teach you how to teach yourself by approaching the challenges in a new piece in a systematic and intelligent way ...

Edward Bennion-Pedley
Barrister & Mature Student

When I first met Marina, I was struggling to break out of a slump after many years of mechanical piano playing. Since I started lessons with her, she inspired me greatly and I have progressed enormously ...

Kumiko Otsuka, Mature student

She motivates all levels of learners and makes her students think 'outside the box' in order to become well-rounded and musically intellectual students ...

Peter Austin
Head of Music, Hornsey School for Girls

When I have a problem concerning my piano playing, instead of just telling me off, she would explain what I am doing wrong. Then, she not only suggests a solution that might work, but also explains why it is correct ...

Jeevana Jeganathan, 15 years old student

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