Marina Petrov

Award-winning Pianist, Lecturer, Piano Tutor & Occupational Injury Specialist Managing Director of Around the Globe Music & Arts Executive Editor of Around the Globe Music Magazine

Award winning Pianist, Occupational Piano Injury Specialist, Lecturer & Piano Teacher / Managing Director of Around the Globe Music & Arts


Piano courses and individual consultation lessons are available on various online platforms for classical and modern style piano players of all ages and levels. For better results and experience, I am using enhanced digital equipment for music demonstrations.

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The main aim of my teaching is to enable musicians to enjoy playing, including all aspects of their piano practise and performance. When the body and mind are free of tensions, I believe that we play better and can express our musicality to the fullest extent.

Individual piano lessons and courses available for beginners to advanced and children to adults as well as professionals.

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My piano teaching methods are based on concentrating on solving the most challenging virtuoso parts and to involving the power of the mind. I work on increasing technical abilities of the student and to enhancing musical memory as well as teaching to a more profound understanding of different piano music styles and the use of its techniques, creative listening and thinking, and so much more.

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Piano Courses offered:

  • Classical styles (intermediate to highly advanced)
  • Contemporary Classical music (intermediate to highly advanced)
  • Prevention of occupational injury in pianists (early to highly advanced)
  • Grade Exam repertoire (intermediate to advanced, for UK piano examination boards or equivalent)
  • Diploma exam repertoire (highly advanced for UK boards including FRSM or equivalent)
  • Chopin Etudes (highly advanced only)
  • Piano Technique Studies (early to highly advanced)
  • Performance studies (early to highly advanced)

I can teach in English, Russian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian and can adapt my teaching schedule to different time zones.

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